Sketchbook Block……

So I’ve had my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Tour Project for about a month and I haven’t put ANYTHING in it yet. I’ve always had this problem in life where I think I’ll make a mistake or things won’t be perfect. I prevent myself from trying things because I usually convince myself that it will be crap before I start. Yeah, really positive thinking going into a project and general everyday life!!! I’ve really been trying to work on this and just dive into projects without thinking to much about the outcome. What’s the worst that can happen….I find out I’m not a world class artist? Well…guess what I already know that and I’m ok with it.

Usually, the worst outcome you can imagine never happens and when it does, life goes on and you learn from the experience.  This last year and a half I’ve pretty much had all of my worst fears come true; trust me I’ve been through the ringer. What I’ve realized from these experiences is that I’m now a better person for having gone through it and I can pretty much get through anything. I used to think, even for small things….”I would just die if that happened” and now I think “I haven’t died yet and I’m stronger than I ever thought I could be.”

Here it goes……


(Image via me)

2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Block……

  1. Ditto. My sketchbook is just sitting there. I doodle pretty much all day but none of it has gone into my sketchbook for fear of not being “perfect.” My worst fears have pretty much happened too and, guess what?, I’m still here! Hopefully that means I’m stronger as a result:)

  2. I lay awake trying to plan out my sketchbook. I never knew art was so rational and logical. I was sketching drafts in a notebook and realized I can’t draw. Bummer.

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