Heavenly Chocomize

This is such a BRILLIANT idea from Chocomize. This is not helping me to eat healthier…the teddy graham one on the top is REALLY hard to resist. It would be fun to try an make these at home…..

“Choose from your chocolate bark and more than 100 types of fruits, nuts, herbs, and candies to create your personalized chocolate bars. Our Belgian Chocolate bars are handmade to order with only the finest ingredients!

More than 30 billion custom candy bar combinations are possible. You decide which one is perfect for you. It’s easy, fun, and simply delicious.”


(Image via Chocomize as seen on Simple Song)

One thought on “Heavenly Chocomize

  1. You are a total bitch for putting these up!!! Now I want one!!! We should definitely try to make these at home.

    You need to post something about jam and jelly. I’ve been craving English muffins with jam lately.

    Does the bottom left bar have bugs on it?

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