Comfy Sandals Here I Come

Maybe I’ve just gotten old and lazy this summer…..but all I want to wear is slip on sandals. I feel a tad baba-ish in them, but they are comfy and soft. Yesterday, I purchased the Nine West pair and prior to that I had the Dr. Scholl’s pair in black. I wore the Dr. Scholl’s pair so much that they literally fell off of my feet. I also have been drooling over the Birkenstock ones for a really long time, and the Liz Claiborne option are really cute, a little more dressy. Old-lady hood here I come….it’s kind of sad when I have already disregarded all shoes that are not comfy at the age of 29.


(Images via Nine WestBirkenstock, Liz Claiborne, DSW)

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