Sarah Richardson: PARA Paint

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Richardson since her Room Service and Design Inc. days. Her new show, Sarah’s House  is finally being broadcast on HGTV America. YEAH!!! Her designs are always so clean and fresh….and now she has her own fantastic paint line through PARA Paint.  I’ve had a MAJOR girl crush on her since I first watched her show..oh and she’s Canadian. Canadian’s Rule!!


(Images via Sarah Richardson Design)

2 thoughts on “Sarah Richardson: PARA Paint

  1. I like her color palette, it doesn’t beat you over the head and yell “LOOK AT ME!” It offers a cushy chair and a fluffy patterned pillow.
    Although her design intent speaks to you as if you were a good friend, so she starts in a good space.

    • You’ve been watching too much Bravo TV. Go turn on the Spike channel and watch some rednecks with mullets fix their pickups.

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